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Lecture „Skin Microbiome“, Medical Beauty Symposium, Munic, Oct, 2018

Lecture „Neuro sensitive skin. New strategy for calmness, stability and skin comfort“. Medical Symposium Netherlands, Nov, 2018

Lecture „Cosmetic ingredients- or should we talk about the right menu?“ Medical Symposium Netherlands, Nov, 2018

Lecture „Neuro-sensitive Haut. Ist ein Umdenken im Pflegeregime erforderlich“? Medical Beauty Symposium, Munic , Oct, 2018

Lecture „Evergreen Microdermabrasion. Mode of action and clinical trials“. Medical Beauty Symposium, Munic, Oct, 2018

Lecture „The human microbiome“. Medical Beauty Symposium Munich, Oct, 2017

Lecture „Extracellular Matrix“. Medical Beauty Symposium Munich, Oct, 2015

Lecture „pH Management“. Medical Beauty Symposium Munich, Oct, 2014

Lecture „Treatment of Rosacea“. Medical Beauty Symposium Munich, Oct, 2012

Lecture „Global Trends & Megatrends“. Medical Beauty Symposium Munich, Oct, 2011

Lecture „Advanced Training and Studies in Microdermabrasion“. Medical Beauty Symposium Munich, Oct, 2011

Lecture „Skin Diagnostic“. Cosmetic Symposium, Munich, 2008

Lecture „Microdermabrasion – method and trends“. Presentation at the Symposium “Biomatrices – the new generation in Cosmeceuticals”, Hamburg, 2005

Cooperation between Dermatologists and Cosmetologists. Presentation at Dermatologist and Plastic surgeon Conference with doctors from Korea, Frankfurt, 2000

Collagen – Evergreen in professional skin care? Presentation at the International Collagen Symposium Münster, 1999


Glow tricks, InStyle, 11/2020

Beauty Tips, DONNA Beauty, Issue 2020

Body Guards, an intact microbiome, Beauty by Cosmopolitan + Madame, Issue 2020

The pH of the skin, Gala, Issue 37 (03.09.2020)

Niacinamide – what can the new beauty active ingredient do? Bunte, Issue 31 (23.07.2020)

Invisible Danger – Pollutants in the Air, Flair, 05/2020

The future of cosmetics, InStyle Beauty, Issue 2020

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Acid pH for healthy skin, Harper’s BAZAAR, 02/2020

Why men do not use moisturizer, Instyle Men,  01/2020

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Urban Pollution & Skin, COSMO Beauty, 11/2019

Clean Beauty, Cosmopolitan, 11/2019

Acne, Sensible Haut und Couperose, VITAL, 11/2019

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pH-Value, Womens Health, 10/2019

pH-Value und Microbiome, Für Sie, 08/2019

Condition of the pH value of the skin; GALA, 07/2019

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UV filter and light protection, DONNA, 05/2019

Guardian angel for our skin, BUNTE, 04/2019

Sensitive and irritated skin, Brigitte Women, 03/2019

Ingredients, Harper’s Bazaar, 03/2019

Digital Aging, ELLE, Jun 2018

Beauty talk, myself, 01/2018

Expert opinion on CICA CREAM, ELLE, 01/2018

Well protected – fine dust and ozone, so gesund, 04/2017

Working field as a cosmetologist, DONNA, 08/2017

To draw breath, BRIGITTE Women, 05/2017

Glow, Teint & Contouring, MyWay, 02/2017

Megatrend Anti-Pollution, Good Health, 02/2017

Anti-Pollution and Skin Care. CARE, 02/2017

Skin City – Environmental stressed skin & Cosmetic solutions, GALA, 01/2017

Beauty-Trends 2017, Bild der Frau, 29.12.2016

The New Beauty Code, BRIGITE 09/2016

Role and function of of Vitamin D. COSMOPOLITAN, 06/2016

Role of human skin pH. BRIGITTE, 05/2016

Booster of treatment results with beauty equipment. MAXI, 04/ 2016

Skin rehydration. BRIGITTE Women, 04/2016

Springtime, Sun, Nature and adequate Skin Care regime. SKIN REPORT, 04/2016

Role of IR-A. Skin exposition to light. IN, 07/2015

Skin care regime at night. FRAU IM SPIEGEL, 01/2016

Maximizing skin care treatment results. LA VIVA, 12/2015

Smart Aging Cure, MADAME, 11/2015

Guest speaker in German TV Show “Sabine Christiansen”, TV 21, Berlin, 2007

Workshops & Press Conferences


Skin Salon: Hamburg & Munich 2019

Skin Salon: Hamburg & Munich 2018

Skin Salon:  Hamburg & Munich 2017

Skin Salon:  Hamburg & Munich 2016

Scientific consultancy for training video FTE-Massage with MATRIGEL®. Kreative Medien, Recklinghausen, 2002

Training video „Professional treatment of oedematous orbital region“. Hamburg, 1998

Training video „Asian Brush Massage“. Hamburg, 1998

Professional use of facial masks: Training video MATRICOL® and MATRIGEL®, Film studio Frankfurt, 1998

Use of Dermapuncture for treating Cellulite. Presentation in Weggis, Switzerland, 1993

Cooperation between Dermatologists and Cosmetologists. Presentation at COSMETICA Exhibition and Conference 1993, Hannover